Happy 30th Anniversary to Merik!
Merik is Mexico's largest supplier of door openers and a highly valued partner of Powertech. For the past three decades, Merik’s every effort has gone into creating quality products along with establishing excellent product service. Customer response to these door openers has ensured Merik’s reputation for guaranteeing their customers high standard products. This monumental achievement is not accidental, but a result of Merik’s continuous hard work for 30 years. 

We at Powertech are also honored to make the gate opener a new milestone, providing” 30th anniversary edition customized service’’ for Merik on this special occasion.

Powertech believes gate opener could make user control gate effortless and practical in life. Merik and Powertech are united by a drive for innovation and digitalization, as well as by a shared mission: to simplify the daily lives of people by offering an extraordinary, simple, friendly and secure user experience, in a domestic space for maximum comfort.

Congratulations again to Merik for its 30th anniversary. We at Powertech are very happy to be able to celebrate with our valued partner of this achievement and look forward to seeing even greater things in the future.